I needed to progress. I needed to challenge myself.

Mayra Pineda


A working mom of two, Mayra Pineda achieved a major milestone in her life by earning her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Ashford University at the age of 37.

When the above video was filmed, Mayra was still actively enrolled. She explained her reason for going back to school, telling us, “I needed to progress. I needed to challenge myself. Every single position out there for the same pay, the same experience that I had, required a Bachelor’s. It wasn’t an option; it was a requirement. So I realized that, and I had decided, ‘I need to go back.’”

Mayra had briefly gone to community college before enrolling at Ashford, and much preferred Ashford’s online program – especially with her husband being away on an 8-month military assignment at the time. “[I have] no husband…around that’s going to be able to help me take some of the load that I have. But even though that’s happening in my family life, my school life has actually been great.”

Perhaps the best part of all about Mayra’s journey at Ashford was being able to set an example for her children. “It makes me feel proud, because they can see first hand that college is extremely important,” she told us. “They see that I am trying to better myself.”


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