Minnie Stumph

I just love walking around with a backpack full of knowledge, so to speak.

Minnie Stumph


An independent business contractor and the reverend of her church, Minnie Stumph holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship earned through Ashford University’s online program. We spoke to her while she was still enrolled, and she told us, "I am no stranger to the business world, but I am pursuing my degree because it will provide me with the tools and knowledge that I am lacking. I just love walking around with a backpack full of knowledge, so to speak."

Minnie chose Ashford in large part because of her Admissions Counselor. "If it was not for her and her welcoming manner, I may not have chosen an online school. She made me feel wanted and needed, and as if I was already a part of the school. I thank her for the fact that I pursued my goals at such a great university."

In addition to excelling academically, Minnie found an active social environment at Ashford and noticed a positive shift in her self-image. "Since enrolling at Ashford, the future is looking bright. My confidence level has boosted immensely, and I made several long-lasting friendships – we still communicate regularly."

After graduation, Minnie planned to continue her business career by getting into property restoration and to initiate an outreach program into her community through her church. More than anything, Minnie hoped to inspire others by her academic success. "By graduating from Ashford, I hope to inspire my two children as well as my seven grandchildren. Pursuing my education has already impacted my daughter - she enrolled at Ashford and is majoring in psychology. I am so proud of her for taking that step. My best friend also enrolled at Ashford shortly after I did.”

To prospective students, Minnie offers these words of advice: "Ashford offers a flexible schedule that fits with all your prior commitments. They have a staff who make you feel comfortable and welcome, and the most helpful instructors who work with you and offer you individual guidance when needed. It is a great experience – go for it!"

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