Renee Magnuson

Within four months of completing my degree, I was using it for a position that paid double what I was previously making.

Renee Magnuson


Renee Magnuson, who currently lives with her family at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, met her future husband in the sixth grade. Of course, she didn’t know it at the time, but eventually she and Eric would graduate high school together, get married, and have two beautiful children. Eric would join the Air Force and Renee would stay home and watch the kids – but not for long.

“With only a high school education, I could not afford the cost of childcare had I chosen to work,” she says. So once her children were both in school full-time, she began working toward an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts through an online program at a community college. While finishing up, she started looking into online Bachelor’s programs. “I knew I wanted my degree completed in a two-year span, and Ashford offered a full-time online class schedule that I knew I could succeed with,” Renee says. She began classes at Ashford before even finishing her Associate’s degree and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at age 33 and within the two-year goal. In fact, she did so with a month to spare.

Almost immediately upon graduating, Renee realized just how valuable her Ashford degree was. She had been working part-time as a customer service representative and decided to apply for an opening as a full-time college preadmissions advisor, which required a Bachelor’s degree. “I had completed my Bachelor’s degree in April 2012, applied for the job in July, and was hired for the position in August. Within four months of completing my degree, I was using it for a position that paid double what I was previously making and included benefits and a better schedule. I am so grateful, and I love my new position!”

She has now been employed as the Nursing Preadmissions Advisor for the Practical Nurse program at Davis Applied Technology College for over a year and is grateful for the opportunity. “I love being able to help students with whatever they need, whether they are applying to the program or have questions for an instructor. I have a need to give to others, and I’m lucky to have found a job that pays me to do so.”

Of her Ashford experience, Renee cites being able to break up assignments in order to spend time with her children as one of the best perks of being an online student. “I would not have chosen Ashford if I was not positive about the quality of education that their students receive,” she says.

“I figured I could use a business degree anywhere, and so far that has proven true,” she continues. “I would recommend Ashford to anyone. Not only did I learn a lot about business administration, but I also learned better communication, writing, research, and computer skills through the online platform. These are necessary skills in the business world today.”

Renee hopes to start working toward a Master’s degree in the near future, and her husband is now in the process of earning his first degree as well.

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