Justin Tyler Floyd

As an Ashford alum, I believe I am empowered with integrity and strength.


Justin Tyler Floyd of San Diego, CA recalls the perfect moment that sums up why he is thankful he made the decision to go back to school and earn his Associate’s degree from Ashford University. “I was sitting poolside with my children, completing assignments for class,” he says, “when it occurred to me that Ashford’s online platform is truly amazing. Being able to be a father while studying would not be a reality otherwise.”

Justin acknowledges going to school online wasn’t always easy. “Having the motivation, dedication, and will to stay on track throughout the process can be challenging for anyone,” he says. “Emailing questions, as opposed to being able to walk up to your instructor to ask something, can be difficult as well. But with the ease and technology Ashford provides, students can succeed as long as they put forth the effort.”

Justin graduated at age 27 with his Associate’s degree in Business Administration* in February 2013 with intentions of eventually owning a business of his own. In the mean time, he has gained a promotion at work (as an administrative assistant at a Naval ship repair yard) and is currently enrolled in Ashford’s Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems. He plans to apply the information he learns in college to his work duties, with hopes of improving the company’s overall efficiency. 

Justin has even talked his mother and spouse into classes at Ashford. “I would recommend Ashford to anyone,” he says. “Nothing harmful comes from expanding your horizons, gaining knowledge, and becoming a role model for your family. As an Ashford alum, I believe I am empowered with integrity and strength, and am technologically prepared for the possibilities of the future.”

*This program is no longer offered.


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