Jet Kaehn

Attending Ashford was one of the best things I ever did for myself.


Jet Kaehn was already an accomplished woman when she decided to return to school. She was 10+ years into a job with a Big Four accounting firm, she had successfully completed many job-related training seminars, and she had a fulfilling life outside of work teaching meditation and creativity workshops at a local bookstore. But she realized something. “I felt I had hit a ceiling in my career; I needed to finish my degree if I wanted to move into management.”

To pursue her degree, she chose Ashford University because she appreciated the way the University was set up, from organization of the online classroom to the accelerated courses being five weeks each. She felt Ashford stood out from other schools she had been looking into. “Other online programs and local colleges I had looked at were not as user-friendly, and the schedules and requirements were very vague. With Ashford, I felt like I knew exactly what I was getting into and was able to assess the workload from the very beginning to assure I wasn’t biting off more than I could chew.”

Jet graduated in July 2013 with her Associate of Arts in Business Administration* and continued working as an alumni coordinator, but was soon identified by the firm’s leadership as someone who could be management material due to her skills and business acumen. Jet explains, “This ‘business acumen’ and knowing how to work with the politics of the company was (in my opinion) directly due to the things I had learned while studying at Ashford. The psychology classes I took, the marketing classes, communication, accounting… everything I studied gave me knowledge and confidence that directly impacted my day-to-day efforts at work.”

Jet received a promotion in October 2014, adding practice administrator to her ongoing alumni coordinator role in the company. Reflecting on her promotion, Jet credits her experience at Ashford. “I don’t think it was the piece of paper that got me the promotion, but the knowledge and understanding that came from the things I studied. If I had just slacked off and eked by in my studies at Ashford, I may have still gotten that degree, but I wouldn’t have absorbed everything as acutely as I did, and I think that is what made the difference. So I don’t think it was the degree that got me the promotion, but the education.”

Jet is currently enrolled at Ashford to earn her Bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology with a minor in psychology. She expects to be finished in February 2016.

* This degree is no longer available

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