Donny C. Pitts

I feel so proud of my accomplishment and proud to be a part of the Ashford family.

Donny C. Pitts


Donny C. Pitts had plenty of college experience before coming to Ashford University. The ordained minister had already earned two-year diplomas in Drafting and Design, Early Childhood Education, and Business Administration as well as a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Theology. He was able to transfer all of his former college credits to Ashford’s BA in Early Childhood Education program, where he earned another Bachelor’s degree to add to his collection at the age of 60.

“Everyone was very helpful. My Admissions Counselor was there for me from enrollment on to help me go through the steps in getting my student loan, helping me get acquainted with my classes, the materials needed, and so forth. We’re still friends, even now.”

Donny feels that Ashford’s Early Childhood Education program provided excellent instruction. “On the first day I began substitute teaching, I was able to use information received from my classes,” he says. “And every instructor I had was friendly, courteous, and willing to assist in any way.”

Instructor Bruce Carruthers went so far as to help Donny edit his first novel, a tale about good and evil injected with religious and supernatural themes called The Lamb and the Dragon. “The writing I had to do while attending Ashford was rather intense and frequent,” Donny says. “It really helped hone my skills as an author.” The book is available through Tate Publishing, and Donny is currently working on a sequel, which Instructor Carruthers is helping to edit as well. “Writing a book and having it published was a life-long dream,” says Donny. “The writing skills I obtained at Ashford were priceless in that sense, really.”

Donny has suffered from Meniere’s disease, an inner ear condition that affects his hearing and balance, for many years. He hopes to inspire others with a disability to believe that school is within their reach, as well as older people to know that they too can chase dreams even well into their sixties. Donny also hopes that fellow writers, poets, and musicians keep his experience in mind when considering if college is a good fit for them.

“Really, I feel like I can do anything,” he says. “Every time I look at my degree hanging on my office wall, I feel so proud of my accomplishment and proud to be a part of the Ashford family.”

Donny and his wife, Christal, currently volunteer-teach at the fourth and fifth grade levels at their church’s children’s program in Moultrie, GA. They both find the work very rewarding. “I love kids and I love teaching,” Donny says. “And now thanks to Ashford, I’m a pretty great teacher.”

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