With determination, all things are possible.

Galia Savage


A resident of Tifton, GA, Galia Savage is a single mom of two. She graduated from Tift County High School in 1986 and immediately enrolled at Valdosta State University. Unfortunately, health issues caused her to drop out of college. Over twenty years later, Galia decided it was time to finish what she started. "There are two factors that made me pursue my degree – my daughter and my son." 

In 2008, she overheard a couple of her coworkers talking about Ashford University, and she realized that this opportunity was the one for which she had been looking. Today, she is an Ashford alumna, having earned her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education in 2013 at the age of 42. "Enrolling at Ashford was one of the best decisions that I have ever made,” she told us while still a student. “It will be so awesome once I finish - it is like a dream for me to get this degree." 

Like most single mothers, Galia’s biggest challenge was time. "Both of my children are active in sports. My daughter plays basketball and my son plays baseball and football." But Galia uncovered an incredible ability to make it all work. "I don't miss a practice or a game. I don't miss any events that they may have at school. I work 40 hours per week and most of our weekends are booked far in advance, but I have never been late with a homework assignment or a research paper." She constantly pushed herself to improve, and her hard work was reflected in her 3.79 GPA.

Her GPA is not the only evidence of her success – her community has taken notice, as well. In December 2010, she was awarded the PLIGHT, Inc. Excellence in Parenting Award. Read the Tifton Gazette's story about the award. 

To express her gratitude for what Ashford has made possible for her, Galia does what she can to tell others that their goals are possible. "I make sure Ashford University is part of the educational institutions listed under school announcements in our local newspaper, and I have had many people talk to me about Ashford. I tell them that it doesn't make a difference what kind of schedule you have or how busy you are. Ashford will fit into your life like a glove." 

It wasn’t just the flexibility of online learning that made it possible, Galia explained – it was also the teachers. "Ashford has a top of the line program and instructors. They care for the students, and even though the courses are online, you build relationships with your instructors, just like you would if you were sitting in class." 

Most of all, Galia was proud of the example she has set for her kids. "I would like for them to take a good look at me and my will to rise above the many obstacles that I have encountered in my life, and realize that, with God and determination, all things are possible." 

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