I feel validated as a student and an employee – my persistence has been rewarded!


"Two weeks after graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in Social Science with an Education Concentration* from Ashford University, I asked my Admissions Counselor to enroll me in my first Master's class," said Dannae Sewell of Annandale, VA. Without skipping a beat, Dannae went on to also earn her Master of Arts in Education, Higher Education specialization, at age 30.


Her next step was to pursue a career in teaching. "Initially student teaching was an issue, considering the fact that I work full-time and care for my family. However, I have now found programs like Teach for America, Career Switchers, or the Inner City Residency program, that will allow me to work full-time and still get credentialed."


Dannae credits her diploma for the confidence and determination she now exudes. "I moved from being a negative statistic to a positive and productive member of my community. The smile from graduation has not been removed from my face!"


Like most adult learners, Dannae's path to academic achievement has not been free from challenges. A single mother to her son, Elijah, and the guardian of her young cousin, Zion, Dannae has had her hands full. "I have faced financial struggles, and there were times I felt as though I couldn't go on, but it is the struggles that make the victories taste even sweeter. I had always dreamed of having my son see me graduate; I ended up with two proud young boys watching me walk across the stage."


*This program was replaced with the Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies

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