Roxy Mourant

The online program at Ashford...prepared me for what I would use daily in my professional career.

Roxanne Mourant


Roxanne Mourant (better known as Roxy) is a diehard third-generation Alaskan who was born in Juneau and has lived in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and several other Alaskan towns. Back in her hometown, Roxy is putting her Ashford degree to work, having landed her dream job as Alaska State Educational Technology Coordinator. In this role, she oversees programs and grants that help students in all of Alaska’s 53 school districts use technology for education – something she has long been passionate about. In addition, Roxy is a winner of the Denali Award for showing innovation in education.

So how did she get here? For almost a decade, Roxy taught grades 6-12 throughout the state. She had her Bachelor’s degree, but needed to finish her Master’s degree in order to continue as a teacher. “Ashford was one of the best universities I found that allowed me to continue teaching while working on my Master’s degree, applying the lessons I learned in the program directly into my classroom."

Despite her passion for the field and her success, Roxy left teaching to return to Juneau to help care for her ailing mother. But soon enough, the position for State Educational Technology Coordinator opened up. Despite all of her past experience and accolades, Roxy would not have been eligible for the position without her Master’s degree, and the opportunity would have passed her by. Instead, Roxy was selected for the job.

“My favorite aspect of my job is the relationships that are built and the wonderful people I get to work with, as well as having the ability to help lead education towards fun, cool, relevant projects that help students throughout the state.” One of those projects is providing distance education for various Native Alaskan communities, many of whom live in remote and isolated areas with no road access for much of the year.

Roxy is as enthusiastic about her state and its people as she is her job, and encourages people to keep Alaska beautiful by supporting environmentally friendly modes of transportation and development of natural resources.

Ashford University is proud to have this dynamic educational trailblazer in our growing family of highly successful alumni, and the admiration is mutual. “I think Ashford has a rigor that is valuable for online learning. I am grateful that Ashford had the vision to realize how online coursework could benefit someone like me who worked full-time and needed to finish a degree in order to continue as a teacher. The online program at Ashford helped me learn how to effectively interact with my colleagues in an online environment that prepared me for what I would use daily in my professional career.

“My passion,” continues Roxy, “will always be finding ways to help students succeed.” Ashford University is right behind her in that mission.

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