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Because of my Bachelor’s degree with Ashford, I was able to secure the wonderful job I now have.

Sati Kanick-Babitze


“Before becoming a mother,” said Sati Kanick-Babitze, a Trinidad and Tobago expat and former pre-school teacher who now lives in Friendswood, Texas, “I spent all of my time trying to earn as much money as possible, working two or three jobs, seven days a week. When I had my son, I suddenly realized that I wanted more for my life, to ensure that I was always qualified enough to secure a good job and always give him a good life.”

For Sati, that meant there was only one thing to do. “I needed to complete my Bachelor’s degree.” However, Sati had little desire to attend classes at night, which would leave her with almost zero time with her family. An online format seemed like the logical solution. Though she has since graduated, we spoke to Sati while she was still enrolled at Ashford.

“I think I owe my decision to enroll at Ashford to my Admissions Counselor. She was interested in making sure that the degree I chose was the right one for me, and showed that she cared about what I wanted to do rather than treating me like just another customer. The level of service was exceptional. Also, the cost was not as much as other universities.”

Sati completed her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management degree with a specialization in Education because she believes that education is her calling, and she would like to support other teachers in developing their skills. She said she has become more confident, qualified, and marketable as a result of earning her degree. “Because of my Bachelor’s degree with Ashford, I was able to secure the wonderful job I now have.”

She works as a Center Manager at Head Start, a national program that promotes the cognitive development of young children in order to prepare them for school. Now having also earned her Master of Arts in Education with a Culturally Responsive Education specialization from Ashford, Sati hopes to work her way up the ladder at her company and promote multicultural education as an Educational Coordinator or a related position. “I hope to develop a model for cultural inclusion in the classroom,” shared Sati.

Though Sati has reaped many benefits already during her journey at Ashford, she wasn't not doing it only for herself. “I hope to inspire my son, Christopher, to always work hard. I want him to know that education is the only way to conquer his dreams. I also hope to inspire my staff and family and to let them know that age should not hinder them from becoming qualified.”

The opportunity to pursue a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree after having a baby is one that Sati didn’t take for granted. “I am thankful for online study, as I would never have otherwise considered continuing my education."

“I have come to a realization,” she continued, “that my opinions do matter, and my efforts are appreciated. The instructors are very supportive, and I have been on the Dean’s List throughout my studies. I am amazed by how much I am enjoying my courses, and by how much more confident I have become in my profession.”

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