Kira Favaro

It's a very welcoming, close-knit environment.


Kira Favaro hails from Ontario, Canada, where she was an all-around athlete throughout her high school career. She participated in soccer, track, and basketball before coming to the Ashford University Clinton campus to study Elementary Education, also joining the Saints in both women's soccer and basketball.

When Kira was at Ashford, she reported that she chose the University "because it was a small school, it offers my major, and it allows me the opportunity to continue participating in athletics at the same time."

Did living in Iowa have an impact on her? Sometimes. She said, "The only challenge that I face is being so far away from my home, family, and friends. But Ashford students have become a new family to me and great friends, and I am very thankful for that. I would definitely recommend Ashford to graduating high school students. It's a very welcoming, close-knit environment, and everyone is always there to help you. I'm very thankful for everything Ashford is doing to help me gain my education for the workplace, and allow me to continue playing the sports I love!"

We caught up with Favaro again after she graduated from Ashford in spring 2011 at age 22 with a 3.98 GPA. She began looking for her first teaching job back home in Ontario, but wasn’t simply waiting for an opportunity to come to her. Instead, she was busy taking online courses to add to her teaching license and volunteering as a high school and elementary school sports coach as well as in the classroom. 

Her diligence soon paid off – Kira began her first paid teaching job in February 2012 at a small elementary school in Slate Falls, Ontario. “There are only 200 people in the community and only 42 kids enrolled in the school. It is definitely going to be an adventure and a wonderful learning experience!”

Continues Favaro, “Being an Ashford University graduate has changed my life by giving me a higher education. I am now able to tell my friends and my family that I have graduated from University with a degree, which is a wonderful accomplishment. Professionally, it is allowing me to bring the skills that I have learned into the classroom and interact not only with the students, but with the teachers and administrators as well.”

Favaro will always cherish her experience as an Ashford student, and has gone back to the Clinton campus to catch a soccer game and catch up with friends. “It is so nice to see how everything has grown since I left. I look forward to my next trip back.”

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