We did a lot of research and looked at all the online schools, and we’re glad we did.


Fassel Rana drove from Birmingham, AL to Moline, IL with his fellow graduate and wife, Sehar, along with their children and his parents to participate in the commencement ceremony held at the iWireless center in May 2013. Sehar’s parents were attending all the way from Indonesia!

Fassel shared that he is using his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management degree to back up the management experience he already has at his workplace. “Right now I’m hoping to be able to move up further in the company and eventually get into human resources,” he explained.

His wife noted, “He has been struggling to complete his degree for the past eight years. He got married, we have kids. Finally being able to complete his degree was a huge break for him.” 

The innovative technology behind Ashford’s online programs played a big role in Fassel’s ability to finally be able to do so. “We used both Constellation and the Ashford Mobile app to do our discussions on,” he said. “I would do it on my cell phone as well as my tablet. Sometimes at work, I would take a break and pull my phone out and look at discussions and see if I could answer a discussion or two. So it came in handy quite a few times.”

As they got ready to round up the family and head home to begin their new lives as graduates, Fassel said, “We did a lot of research and looked at all the online schools, and we’re glad we did. Ashford’s a really good school.”

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