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This degree helped me secure my current position working for a device company in reimbursement and medical policy.

Veronica Miller


Working mother of three Veronica Miller of Brentwood, CA earned her Master of Arts in Health Care Administration at Ashford University with honors at the age of 40. With an undergraduate degree from San Jose State University in health science and nutrition already under her belt, she was able to get a career within the healthcare industry but, in 2012 and after being out of school for 15 years, she decided she needed to go back to school. “I knew I needed to make myself more marketable for future positions.”

She chose Ashford University because of the initial conversation with her Admissions Counselor and the good reputation of the institution. “As a mother of three with a full-time job, I could not attend a ‘traditional’ campus school. Ashford allowed me, through online classes, to do my schoolwork late at night and on the weekends.” She admits it definitely wasn’t easy, but by being able to fit the coursework into her own schedule – coupled with having great instructors – getting her degree became a reality. One of her favorite features about the online setting was being able to do her assignments while traveling for work. “I could be thousands of miles away and still attend my classes.”

Since earning her Master’s degree at Ashford, Veronica has started working for a new organization in a position she loves. “This degree helped me secure my current position working for a device company in reimbursement and medical policy. I believe my degree provided me with an education on the business side of medicine, which is ultimately what gave me the competitive advantage I needed.” She is now applying what she learned in her courses at her new company and still even references her textbooks from time to time.

She is excited about the successes this degree has already brought her and for what the future holds, sharing, “I work from home, travel to clients, and have plenty of time to spend with my family; this job is a dream come true!”

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