Jazmin Williams

Being at Ashford University...has empowered me to further develop my skills and expand the content that I cover.


Jazmin Williams, founder of small nonprofit Rouge Lioness, is following her passion of using writing and connecting with others to bring about social change.

This Seattle, WA resident found herself a single mom at 23 after having become a victim of domestic violence. As the sole provider for a newborn, she began to use her skills in writing to seek out resources to help improve the lives of her and her daughter – and soon, she wanted to assist other young moms as well.

To do just that, she started the Rouge Lioness website with an online magazine and a webshow, funding temporary financial resources for young moms and promoting self-sufficiency and independent living. “I also wanted to help redefine the stereotype and stigma attached to young moms. I want people to see beyond what mainstream media portrays.”

To further her progress, Jazmin began looking for a degree program that would allow her to balance being a mom and continue her social advocacy. “My mom was enrolled in Ashford University and talked to me about the online programs. Ashford accepted all of my previous college credits.”

Jazmin has truly flourished in the online learning environment. “Being at Ashford University for my degree in Journalism and Mass Communications has empowered me to further develop my skills and expand the content that I cover. I have engaged in advocacy journalism that will further my mission of bringing awareness and redefining the young mom title and lifestyle.” Being a very strong and active participant in her courses, Jazmin has consistently been on the Dean's List and is also a member of the Alpha Sigma Lambda honor society.

An active Twitter user, Jazmin says the social networking platform allows her to connect with others within her demographic unbound by physical limitations. “I have learned so much from other young mothers from places like the UK and South Africa. I am part of a community that doesn’t judge me for my past experiences. The other young moms that I have met through the chats have provided me with support when I felt the most isolated.”

This inspiring social entrepreneur is nearing completion of her program at Ashford, but we look forward to following her journey through social media. “While I am looking forward to graduating, I truly love and appreciate the experience that I've had at Ashford University.”

Connect with Jazmin on Twitter at @RougeLioness.

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