Knowing it’s over and yet just beginning is a strange and fantastic feeling.


“One of my biggest concerns coming in was: I had tried college before and wasn’t all that good at it,” admits 2013 graduate Michael Leach. “Ashford was the only school willing to let me transfer in the credits that worked with me instead of transferring in the ones that held me back.”

Transferring in 24 credits toward his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication helped Michael make the most of going back to school. He also found the online set-up much more accessible than learning in a brick and mortar classroom. “Most of my teachers would email me back within three hours of sending an email out. They were very up on keeping in touch with the students,” he says. “And learning online was beneficial as far as not having to ever leave the house to go anywhere. It just really worked out quite nicely.”

Right before attending his graduation, Michael went on his first interview at a local newspaper in the Winchester, CA area, where he lives. Before even scheduling the second interview, the company told him they’d like to bring him on to do some freelance work. “They were very impressed with what I had written for Ashford,” he says. “Having the journalism degree takes a talent I have and allows me to do something with it.“

Michael encourages anyone who is thinking about going back to school to look closely at Ashford as a way to make it happen in an affordable and efficient way. “You deserve to feel proud of yourself,” he says. “For me, knowing that it’s over and yet just beginning, is a strange and fantastic feeling.” Michael is currently working on a memoir detailing his life with a disability.

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