justen jones

I want those with a disability to know they’re not alone, that they have support.


Justen Jones arrived at Ashford University thanks to recommendations from his peers in the U.S. Navy. “The flexibility of Ashford meant I could balance education and the Navy,” he explains.

But while he was studying for his Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science degree at Ashford, he also received a startling diagnosis: he was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). From depression to migraines, the PTSD was a difficult burden for Justen to bear – a burden made more difficult by the fact that Justen felt all alone in his struggle. What could have been a major setback for Justen, instead became an inspiration.

“When I finally received treatment, I slowly began feeling better and realized that there were others out there who don’t have the proper outlet to deal with post-Navy life, PTSD, and the other struggles I went through,” Justen says.

Those experiences gave Justen the idea for Just Like Them, a center he describes as “a safe place for those with PTSD to work on personal development and adjusting to life outside of the military.”

Justen submitted the idea for Just Like Them as part of his application for the Entrepreneurship Scholarship at the Forbes School of Business & Technology™. The scholarship was created to encourage new ideas that increase economic activity and advance society through business solutions. Justen’s idea was a natural fit and he was awarded an Entrepreneurship Scholarship in 2016.

“I want those with a disability to know they’re not alone, that they have support,” Justen says. “No matter what you think your idea is, if you believe strongly in it, then pursue it. If it’s your passion, go for it.”

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