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I knew that if I ever wanted to do something that mattered, I would need to earn my degree.

Kassandra Johnson


It would be difficult to overstate the impact Ashford University has had on the life of graduate Kassandra Johnson.

“My experience was a whirlwind of amazing moments that ultimately led me to self-fulfillment, love, and friendships that will last a lifetime,” Kassandra explained.

Kassandra’s journey with Ashford began back in 2011. She lived near Ashford’s former campus in Clinton, Iowa,* and applied to Ashford and several other local universities after high school. Accepted at multiple schools, Kassandra ultimately decided to attend college at the Ashford campus because it “offered the best educational benefits.”

“I wanted better for my life and I knew the only way to accomplish that was to earn my degree,” she said.

Kassandra opted to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice with double minors in Sociology and Social Science. From the onset, she found her time at Ashford to be rewarding.

“I would not be where I am today without my incredible professors and advisors who encouraged me every step of the way,” she said. “From my freshman orientation class with Rob Engelson to my capstone with Ted Ellis, I truly felt that everyone wanted to see me succeed to my fullest potential. My experience was a memorable one and I will be forever grateful to the individuals who were a part of my journey.”

One individual, in particular, would become a vital part of Kassandra’s life. During her four years at Ashford, she met a fellow student named Timothy Johnson. In October, 2015, Kassandra and Timothy were married and they held their wedding reception on the Ashford campus.

But the wedding was just one of the life-changing events the couple experienced over the course of a few months. Kassandra also graduated from Ashford. Then, she and Timothy took a vacation to San Diego and decided that the city would be their new home. In March, 2016, they packed up and moved across the country.

Settled into their new city, it was time for Kassandra and Timothy to start looking for jobs. Three days after moving, they found out about a career fair that just happened to be taking place at the San Diego headquarters of Ashford University.

“Being alumni of Ashford University, this seemed like fate!” Kassandra said.

Both Kassandra and Timothy found careers working in enrollment at their alma mater. And so, the couple’s journey with Ashford continues.

“I have valued education since I was very young and I knew that if I ever wanted to do something that mattered, I would need to earn my degree,” said Kassandra. “It has been meaningful because I am now in a position where I am able to reciprocate the value of education to potential students every single day and that, in itself, is very impactful.”

* Students can no longer enroll in courses in Clinton.

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