katrina harvey posing by the ocean

I feel like I truly got what I thought I was going to get from this program.

Katrina Harvey


Katrina Harvey always knew she was bound for bigger things in her career. As a grievance supervisor for a health care organization, she was happy to have a good job, but realized it was “just a job” and there was little room for advancement. While being the most qualified or most talented person on a team is an asset, she didn’t feel that way, especially when she was asked to train her superiors.

“Without higher education or a degree I was unable to move further,” Katrina said at Ashford University’s 2016 Spring Commencement, where she crossed the stage to accept her Master of Arts in Organizational Management.

“I just wanted to put myself in a position to do the job that I want to do,” she explained. “I know that I am, by nature, a leader, and I belong in a role in which I can impact people.”

Online learning would present a new challenge for Katrina, one that made her anxious at first. Self-discipline and organization were critical she said, especially following 14-hour workdays and a 90-minute commute to her home in Santa Cruz, California. Remaining focused on her goal kept her motivated, as did her daughter, Jordan.

“I let my daughter know that education is one of the most important things she could have in her life right now,” Katrina said. “Gone are the days where you’re able to get a good job without some formal education.”

Earning her organizational management degree, she added, gave her new perspective and skills that she was able to apply immediately to her current job. It also helped her develop ideas for the next phase of her life, when she plans to establish her own life coaching business.

“I must say that this has been the most rewarding college experience,” Katrina said. “I feel like I truly got what I thought I was going to get from this program.”

Katrina’s advice for anyone in her position, hoping to break through a “glass ceiling” at work: Look at the Ashford website, engage with alumni, and take a class.

“[College] is extremely valuable. Everything that I have gotten thus far has been applicable. It has also challenged me. So challenge yourself. Take a class and see how it works out.”

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