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I am confident that I received a quality education because of where I am now in my career and where I am going. Ashford did an outstanding job with my whole experience there.


“It felt so good when I received my degree, I literally broke into tears,” says Ashford University graduate Kelvin Johnson.

By the time Kelvin enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program at Ashford, he already held a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree from Virginia State University. That bachelor’s degree, however, did not fulfill Kelvin.

“When I graduated from Virginia State University, I didn’t feel that great deal of accomplishment like I did when I received my MBA from Ashford,” Kelvin says. “When I did undergrad, I was doing it to please others. Even after I graduated Virginia State in 2003, I kept beating myself up inside, telling myself that I wasn’t happy because I went to college to please other people and pursue a degree that I wasn’t happy with.”

Eventually, Kelvin began to see the limitations of his bachelor’s degree.

“I finally came to the realization that simply having a bachelor’s wasn’t going to help me get into the career field that I really wanted,” Kelvin explains. “I was working at a plant nursery and realized that my bosses weren’t willing to utilize my talents to help the company excel. That was another motivating factor that made me decide to pursue my MBA.”

For his master’s degree, Kelvin chose Ashford University because of the helpful staff and resources. He found Ashford’s online classroom to be a good fit for his busy life. “I was working ten hours a day and didn’t have the time to go to a classroom for another one to three hours and then go home to study.” The decision to enroll at Ashford turned out to be wise.

“Ashford definitely wanted to set you up in the best possible scenario to be successful, and my Enrollment Advisor was excellent in helping me to achieve my goal,” Kelvin says. “We spoke via email and phone once a week to discuss my career goals and objectives. She also helped me with my resume as well as my job interview skills.”

At the end of 2014, Kelvin earned his MBA from Ashford. Thanks in part to the career advice he received from Ashford staff, Kelvin also landed a supervisor job.

“I got the job because I was very well prepared for the interview. The interviewers were just blown away by how I answered the questions with the utmost confidence,” Kelvin says. “I am confident that I received a quality education because of where I am now in my career and where I am going. Ashford did an outstanding job with my whole experience there.”

While Kelvin enjoys his new job, his new degree, and his increased knowledge, the biggest takeaway from his Ashford experience might be the enduring sense of personal accomplishment.

“That’s why it was so emotional for me when I received my MBA from Ashford – because at that moment, I knew that I had done something for me. I worked extremely hard to get this degree, and it finally paid off,” Kelvin says. “As much as I want to be an inspiration to others, I challenged myself to be an inspiration to me and to be fulfilled once I achieved this big accomplishment.”

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