Christopher D. Walker

Ashford was the only university…that accepted credits from my military experience.

Christopher D. Walker


Sergeant First Class Christopher D. Walker was able to transfer in nearly 78 credits toward his BA in Liberal Arts at Ashford University. Forty-five of these credits came from his military experience; the rest from four other universities he had attended at various points over the years. “I had been an online student before coming here and I have to say, Ashford’s online format is the best,” he says. “It’s very easy to navigate and yet far more advanced than the other schools I’ve attended.”

Christopher’s time spent in service was also rewarded in the form of military tuition assistance. “Ashford was the only university, out of eight that I checked, that accepted credits from my military experience,” he says. “The University had many outstanding reviews from other service members as well. It made my decision easy.”

Having been motivated to enlist in the US Army after the events of 9/11, Christopher served for several years before coming to Ashford and continued on duty as an active drill sergeant during most of his time as an undergraduate. He admits this activity often meant days that began as early as 4 am and ended well after 8 pm. “It was hard finding the focus,” he says. “Lucky for me, I had outstanding leaders both in the military and at school. Ashford has the most qualified and professional personnel I’ve ever seen.”

Earning his Bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2014 at the age of 29, Christopher says he used his Ashford smartphone app on a regular basis. “What an amazing resource!” he says. “I was able to submit discussions, check my financial aid status, and check my grades from anywhere.”

Christopher received an Army Achievement Medal for getting over 40 soldiers within his battalion to enroll in college themselves. “My degree provided me with the competitive edge to stand out among my peers. And now my soldiers know they can achieve this milestone themselves.”

Christopher chose to seek a degree in liberal arts after considering what fields could be applicable after retiring from service. Now, with support from his family, Christopher plans on pursuing a Master’s degree. “Going to Ashford was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Other than marrying my wife, of course! My wife and children keep me inspired.”

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