Lynn Currie

I’m thankful to Ashford for helping me achieve my business goals.


“I just knew I wanted those letters behind my name,” says Lynn Currie, who chose to pursue both her Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship and her MBA at Ashford University. Lynn completed her BA in 2014. In 2016, she applied for and received the Forbes Senior Project Scholarship and is now pending graduation in spring 2017 with her MBA.

A successful professional outside the classroom, Lynn has been a business owner for many years. With her previous education in interior design, Lynn started a design firm in Columbia, Georgia, and later began a cleaning service business. As the cleaning service grew in size, she sold it to a national brand and used the funds to begin freelance consulting, which she hopes will lead to full-time business consulting.

“These degrees change everything,” says Lynn. “Companies want to see a business background and ‘MBA’ behind my name, and now they will.”

Yet those letters have come to symbolize much more than a degree for Lynn.

“These degrees mean business connections and opportunities that never existed before,” says Lynn. “The companies I work with see my proven track record in business, and now the education I have fully supports that experience.” She adds that much of what she’s learned in her classes related directly to her work. “I’m always applying concepts from class to my businesses.”

Beyond the professional reasons, Lynn’s decision to return to school stemmed from a very personal motivation. With her son simultaneously attending college, Lynn wanted to set an example for him that it was possible to not only achieve work-life balance, but also to excel at it. “I kept a 3.9 GPA during my bachelor’s, and a 4.0 in my MBA while working full-time and keeping our household running,” Lynn notes. “It became a bit of a competitive thing,” she adds. “I wanted to encourage him to get good grades, and he wanted to do better than his mom.”

The Forbes Senior Project Scholarship helped Lynn achieve her successes by providing her with funding for her final graduate classes. “Ashford’s been there for me throughout this whole process,” Lynn notes. “From the help with tuition to the support I received from the Writing Center and Academic Advisors, my education wouldn’t have been possible without Ashford’s support.”

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