michael barnes

It’s been a lot easier to carry out my business goals having a degree in hand.

Michael Barnes


For Michael Barnes, comedy is a serious business. Making people laugh has been a major component of Michael’s life for a long time, and it led him to a job in a local comedy club. His experiences there inspired a new goal in Michael’s life: opening his own comedy club.

With an entrepreneurial dream guiding him, Michael launched The Giggle Box in Baltimore, Maryland. To give himself the best chance of succeeding with his new venture, Michael felt he needed to boost his knowledge of the business world. A desire for an education brought him to Ashford University, where he enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems degree program. Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit is obvious, so it should come as no surprise that he was awarded an Entrepreneurship Scholarship from the Forbes School of Business & Technology™.

“The degree has made a huge difference and so has the scholarship,” Michael says. “With my personal funds going into the business, the scholarship allowed me to pursue my education and improve my business at the same time.”

In 2016, Michael completed his degree at Ashford. He happily reports that he has been able to incorporate his education into the daily operations of The Giggle Box.

“Every aspect of my business has improved with my increased understanding of business and the marketplace: management, pay, staff, and analytics,” Michael says. “It’s been a lot easier to carry out my business goals having a degree in hand.”

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