Brian D. Walton

Career, education, or personal success all boil down to one simple concept: you get out what you put in.

Brian D. Walton


Brian Walton had already earned a Bachelor's of Science in Technology Management when he sought a new career path to academia and teaching. He knew achieving his dream would require a full-time commitment, but like many people in his position, he couldn’t afford to give up his full-time job.

The quality of an online learning experience would become a key factor in Brian’s decision. He wanted to feel a personal connection to classmates and instructors, and wanted his courses to be “laid out week-by-week” in order to better manage his time.

After reviewing his prospects, Brian chose to pursue Ashford University’s Master of Arts in Organizational Management, a degree program that turns managers into leaders and features eight specializations for students pursuing different academic fields. 

“The program was initially appealing because of the specific organizational management concentration and leadership coursework,” Brian said. “The faculty and staff are well prepared to create strong learning environments for the online setting. Each instructor changed the course to meet their educational and course needs, but the overall look and feel was consistent.”

Outside of the classroom, Brian said the library became his “best friend,” adding that its archive of scholarly journals and articles was helpful “both educationally and professionally.”

He also cited courses like Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership as critical to his studies.

“I really enjoy courses like this because they are relevant to today’s issues,” he said. “The instructor did a phenomenal job providing and sharing relevant issues and personal experience.”

in 2009, Brian earned a position with the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, and graduated from Ashford in May 2011. He currently serves as the Assistant Dean for the School of Business and Hospitality, and he is also a part-time adjunct professor for business and management courses. He’ll begin pursuing his doctorate in September 2015.

His life transformed, today Brian calls his Ashford University education a “very positive chapter” in a life of learning, and he said he would be happy to share his experience and resources with others.

I believe everyone needs to find the best fit for them, a place where they can effectively learn and feel at home.

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