Clara Niewkerk

Attending Ashford has opened my horizons to help and mentor others who may be doubtful about their own path to success.

Clara Niewkerk


Clara Nieuwkerk, a resident of Amsterdam, NY, is thankful for all of the knowledge and experience that attending Ashford University has given her. She graduated with a Master of Arts in Organizational Management in 2010, and since then has inspired many others to continue on with their education – including her sister, Evelyn Carrion-Clara who earned her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education from Ashford in 2012. 

“Having my Master of Arts degree from Ashford University has given me the knowledge and the courage to inspire, mentor, and diligently encourage others to pursue a degree, and it has pushed me to pursue my doctorate in psychology. Attending Ashford has expanded my horizons to help and mentor others who may be doubtful about their own path to success. ” 

Clara is not only excited at the prospect of furthering her education, but also appreciates the opportunity Ashford has given her to meet lots of new, influential people. In November 2011, she attended the New York City Student and Alumni Networking event, where she listened to other alumni’s stories. “The event was an informational gathering, where I spoke with different individuals from a variety of fields who had achieved different degrees with similar struggles and successes.” In addition to attending this event, Clara took an active role in participating. Although she didn’t expect this opportunity to happen, she is grateful to have had the chance to speak out to the audience. “When they asked the audience if anybody wanted to come up and share their success story, I noticed the entire room froze, and I jumped up and volunteered. I am proud of what I have accomplished.” 

Anticipating a doctorate degree in the future, Clara believes she has Ashford, her family, and God to thank for all of her success this far. “I thank God Almighty, my loving family, as well as my Student Advisor at Ashford University for all of my triumphs.”

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