David Wagoner

I am stronger in my computer skills, love reading again, and especially enjoy writing again.

David Wagoner


“Pursuing my degree was the last thing on my mind until about a year ago,” says David Wagoner, a Texan and Air Force veteran who works at a top-rated insurance company that serves members of the military and their families. This grandfather of five had just about every qualification he needed to be a leader at his organization - ample experience, several licenses, the respect of his peers - but David was not eligible to take on a managerial role without a Bachelor’s degree. 

After a while, David could no longer ignore that nagging feeling that he was simply selling himself short. “I was beginning to miss the leadership roles I had during my 22 years in the Air Force.” With the wholehearted support of his wife, he began looking at schools. 

David quickly discovered that the traditional course formats of the local universities and colleges just weren’t for him. Restrictive schedules, lengthy class sessions, and excessive commutes weren’t realistic. Fortunately, in a conversation with a co-worker one day, David found out about the online educational experience offered by Ashford University. Just like that, David called the toll-free number and a whole new phase of his life began.

“Making the call changed everything! The Admissions Counselor who answered the phone sensed my fear and apprehension, and she was caring, assuring, and helpful. She helped me take my first step.” 

We spoke to David while he was still enrolled, and he told us, “I sometimes get caught up and lose focus on time because the instructors and coursework are so interesting. Corny as it sounds, I feel ‘hooked’ on learning! I am stronger in my computer skills, love reading again, and especially enjoy writing again. I am having a blast!” 

Equally gratifying for David was the chance to apply his newfound knowledge every day at his job. “Pursuing my degree is already opening doors for me, as I am now supporting managers when they are out sick or on vacation.”

David, who spreads the word to everyone he knows, has so far assisted 15 co-workers with attending Ashford! David considers “paying it forward” in this way to be the least he can do. “I thank God every night for the voice on the other end of the phone that day. There are a lot of other people like me out there who need people like my Admissions Counselor and places like Ashford University.”

David graduated in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management. In the future, he hopes to become a full-time manager. Congratulations David!

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