Denise Mooney

No one can take away your education!

Denise Mooney


When full time employee, wife, and mother of five Denise Mooney enrolled at Ashford University, she had little free time but a determination to earn her Master’s degree in Organizational Management. “It was for personal reasons, basically to prove that I could do it. I have always liked organizational challenges and finding ways to help make my work life easier.”

Denise found that Ashford’s online courses helped her maintain a balance between family, school, and work, which kept her motivated and on track. “Ashford’s technology was exactly what I needed to complete my degree in a timely and efficient manner.

“The quality of education was also top notch,” she adds. “The instructors were actively working in the field that they were teaching and had real life experience to share with their students.”

In spring 2009, at age 38, Denise and her family travelled from their home in Lima, OH to attend graduation at Ashford’s Clinton campus. She says that walking across the stage and receiving her diploma with fellow Ashford graduates was an important moment for her. “The word alumni is one that brings me honor and a feeling of accomplishment,” she explains.

Not long after graduation, Denise began to see the benefits of her Master’s degree. “Because of the degree I was able to teach at a local university,” she says. “I really enjoy teaching and sharing experiences with other adults.” She also has more confidence in her professional qualifications and feels that her coworkers have more respect for her insights about business organization.

Denise hopes that her success will encourage not only her children but also other adults to continue their education and follow their dreams. To those students considering Ashford University, Denise says, “Just do it! No one can take away your education!”

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