Devin Ehrich

Everything in my life has gotten better.


Devin Ehrich began his college career with a basketball scholarship to Sauk Valley Community College in Dixon, IL. After two years there, he worked at a discount retail corporation distribution center for a while, but he did not enjoy the work. He says, “That’s not what I wanted for myself.” 

So he decided he should go back to school and finish his course work in order to earn a Bachelor’s degree. The basketball coach at Ashford University had been in contact with him over this period. It seemed like a logical choice – it was a school that offered a good education, was affordable, and was close enough to home that his family could attend his games. 

Devin started his career at Ashford with a new determination and focus. He says, “Looking back on my first two years at the community college, I was never engaged or dedicated to my education. All I cared about was basketball. Seeing my GPA go from a 2.8 at Sauk to over a 3.9 at Ashford was really awesome for me.” He collected multiple awards in his time as a student at Ashford, including scholar athlete, all-conference, and Comeback Player of the Year awards in basketball, as well as honor society awards. 

After graduation, Devin secured a position as a graduate assistant at Ashford, which has allowed him to work on the Clinton campus while pursing his Master’s degree using Ashford’s online modality. 

Of the small size of Ashford’s Clinton campus community, Devin says he thinks it enables students to build personal relationships with their instructors. “People get to know you by name. It makes it easier to get help when it’s needed. If you are looking for a college that is affordable with a strong community that is there for each other, then Ashford’s campus is the place for you.” 

Devin knows his parents are proud of his decision to go back to college, especially since they never attended themselves. As such, being a student at Ashford has empowered him. “I know I have gotten opportunities that a lot of people don't get and I really noticed how much I’ve matured over the years. Everything in my life has gotten better.”

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