Helena Metcalf

Never once did Ashford’s Career Services give up on me.


“Too many times I was faced with doors closing,” says Ashford University graduate Helena M. Metcalf of looking for employment after completing her schooling. “Never once did Ashford’s Career Services give up on me, even after I had long since given up on myself.”

Helena earned both her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and her Master of Arts in Organizational Management from Ashford, graduating with a 4.0 GPA on both occasions. She came to Ashford after learning she could transfer in 90 approved credits from college courses she had taken nearly two decades earlier. “I didn’t know that college credits never expired!” she says. “When I found out I could come back and continue from where I had left off, I was so excited. I’m very happy I found the right school to guide me through the journey.”

However, after graduating with her second degree at the age of 39 and beginning a lengthy job search, Helena became frustrated with the process. Then she received an email from Ashford’s Career Services, inviting her to a webinar on writing effective resumes. After attending, Helena decided to look into the other types of assistance offered through Ashford. Ashford Career Service Specialist Sara Headden was assigned to help Helena with her job search. “She asked me important questions, empathized with my plight, and never stopped digging until she knew everything I wanted in a career,” Helena says, adding that Sara helped her uncover marketable skills she never knew she had. “She exceeded my expectations on every level.”

Sara was one of the first people who got the happy news when Helena, after enduring a rigorous five-hour interview, finally landed a customer service representative position. From there, she transitioned into a job she loves working on PR and networking at a college entertainment agency called The Smith Agency, Inc. “I use both of my Ashford degrees in this job, and the owner of the company has said he really appreciates my education. I’m able to bring fresh ideas, and my possibilities are endless.” 

Helena adds, “The help of the Career Services staff was priceless. I want to encourage people to never give up.”

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