Jeffrey Hale Stanley

The interaction with other students and the instructors at Ashford made the online courses very close to being in a traditional classroom.


While growing up in Maine during the days of the military draft, Jeffrey Hale Stanley obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Human Relations and then spent the next three years in the Navy. When his tour was up, he remained in the Navy Reserves and went to work for the Boy Scouts of America, establishing career exploration clubs. He served in many positions in Boy Scout organizations in Pennsylvania and Maine before becoming the Assistant Director for the Europe division. During the nine years he lived in Germany, he worked with military dependents and other expatriates in 27 countries to bring an American Scouting program to those living abroad. 

In 2004, Jeffrey was recalled to active duty with the Navy for one year for projects in England, Germany, and Italy. Upon release, he was re-hired by the Boy Scouts and worked for them until 2009, when he was laid off. He retired from the Navy in 2008. 

During his second deployment, he received partial GI educational benefits and had some free time, so he figured it was a good opportunity for him to go back to school. After researching military friendly colleges, he felt Ashford University stood out above the rest, and in 2010 he enrolled. 

During his time at Ashford, he appreciated the guidance of Ashford’s staff. He believes everyone from the Admissions Counselors to faculty members were knowledgeable and readily available when needed, providing support in the classroom, with financial aid, and in veterans affairs. He says, “I had my doubts at first, but I was quite impressed with how the online program worked. The interaction with other students and the instructors at Ashford made the online courses very close to being in a traditional classroom. All the resources available on the website were beneficial. I thought the quality was excellent.” 

This Dover, PA resident completed his coursework in 2012 at age 64 and says, “It is empowering to set a goal and achieve it. I think that adds to one's self esteem.” In the months since graduation, Jeffrey has helped organize a business networking organization in his town, is working with a Red Cross Disaster Team to improve the organization of the responding teams, and is doing consultant work with a nonprofit that rescues women who have been victims of human trafficking. “We are organizing an awareness campaign and a major fundraiser.” 

Though he is glad his days of homework are over, the entire experience has made him proud to set a positive example for his grandchildren and to show, by example, how important continued education is. Ashford, in turn, is especially proud of students like Jeffrey, whose quest for lifelong learning and service to others continues long after graduation.

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