Jonathan Cooper

I choose Ashford because a lot of the Marines I know went here. They all told me how great it is.


“The only education I had before I came to Ashford University was high school,” says Jonathan Cooper, who graduated at age 35 with his Bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management and completed his Master’s in Organizational Management with an Organizational Leadership specialization in 2015.

Jonathan spent most of his adult life in the Marines. When he retired from service, he knew getting a degree would be crucial in securing a job that matched his skills and experience from serving for years in the military. “I choose Ashford because a lot of the Marines I know went here,” he says. “They all told me how great it is.” After enrolling, Jonathan reports he is glad he took their word for it.

Jonathan was able to transfer in 33 credits from his time in service and benefit from a military grant that helps cover the cost of tuition. He says he picked up Ashford’s user-friendly online platform very quickly and appreciates that technical support and professors are always available when he needs additional help. “The Ashford app for your phone has helped make me successful,” he says. “It’s like having my classroom in my pocket. I can access the University no matter where I am. It allows me to do two things at once.”

Going to school at Ashford opened up the opportunity for Jonathan to find employment at the institution as well, working as an Admissions Counselor. “Juggling family, work, and school all at the same time is challenging,” he says. “But with the support of my wife and children I completed my Bachelor’s degree Cum Laude. I know I’ve set an example for my children to follow. If their dad can graduate college, then so can they.”

Originally from Havertown, PA, Jonathan now resides with his family in Oceanside, CA. He’s on track to attend graduation for his Master’s degree in 2015. “The degree will allow me to apply for a manager position,” he says. “I hope my journey inspires others that if I can do it at this age, then there should be no excuses.”

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