Joseph Copp

Now thanks to my military career and my education...I have the ability to improve individual lives.


“My life has always centered on service to our country and its citizens,” says Joseph Copp, who retired from the Navy in 2004 and currently helps veterans and their families maintain a decent quality of life through his work as a franchise sales consultant with WIN Home Inspections. Previously, Joseph worked as a sales manager for a commercial real estate company and as a client service manager for a national franchise service company.

After retiring from the military, this Huntsville, AL resident knew having a four-year degree would be a prerequisite for reaching his full potential in the civilian market. He decided to attend Ashford University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management in 2012, because it provided an accommodating curriculum and transferred the largest portion of his military credits.

He found his degree program comprehensive and challenging and liked how diversity in opinions and ideologies allowed the classes to exchange ideas and express differences in a civil forum. “If you work full time and want to complete your education, this is definitely the best avenue,” he says. “Due to my existing responsibilities and the reality of the job market, this platform was the only logical educational avenue, in my opinion.” One of his highest accomplishments at Ashford was maintaining a high grade point average and graduating Summa Cum Laude. 

Joseph believes his degree has enabled him to demonstrate a functional understanding of business entrepreneur organization and communication at his current job. The company has also assigned him with the task of assisting in developing the WIN for America program, which provides discounted franchise opportunities for veterans who express a desire to own a business. In the future, Joseph hopes to increase veteran percentages of ownership in the organization and develop some lectures to encourage entrepreneurship with college graduates. “It has come to my attention that 50% of college graduates are underemployed or unemployed,” he says. “That needs to change.”
As the first family member to graduate with a four-year degree, Joseph hopes to inspire his family as well as other veterans. “I never entertained the idea of a college degree when I joined the Navy,” he says. “Now thanks to my military career and my education, I have a wonderful job at an organization that concentrates on helping veterans, and I have the ability to improve individual lives.”

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