Ashford allows you to log on at your speed and at your convenience.


Monique Stewart of Hampton, VA transferred in existing credits to earn her Bachelor's degree online at Ashford University. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at age 31, followed by her Master of Arts in Organizational Management with a Human Resources Management specialization at age 33. When we interviewed her for the above video, she was still enrolled in her undergraduate program.

Prior to enrolling in Ashford’s online program, Monique was a biology major at a traditional university for 5 years, during which time she worked full-time in human resources. She decided to continue in the business field rather than in science. “Ashford provides for you that cutting-edge feel as it pertains and as it relates to industry requirements today.”

Being able to achieve work/life balance throughout her educational journey at Ashford was a major benefit for Monique. “The thing I like most about being a student at Ashford University is the efficiency and the accessibility that I have to complete my courses. As an adult, it’s very hard to integrate and implement your studies into your work schedule, but the fact that Ashford allows you to log on at your speed and at your convenience has been extremely helpful. I don’t feel so stressed and pressured integrating my work schedule, my social life, and my educational life as well.”

In closing, Monique told us, “I feel that obtaining a degree from Ashford University was not simply studying to get a diploma, but in actuality creating a better avenue to a life that I want.”

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