Quentin Brackenridge

Ashford has allowed me to express myself to the fullest.

Quentin Brackenridge


Of all the many types of people who make up the Ashford Clinton campus community, you would be hard-pressed to find a more inspirational leader than alumnus Quentin Brackenridge has been. 

"When I first came to Ashford, I knew this was the place for me. I saw a lot of opportunity for myself, and I was going to make a difference." 

Quentin is the kind of person who creates new opportunities for others that impact people's lives. "I love to sing and play the piano," he says. "My family and I are musically inclined and we sing at every family gathering." So, on arriving at Ashford, he took his love for music and found a way to share it with others. Within his first year at Ashford, he founded the AU Inspirational Choir and created the Mu Omega Sigma fraternity (not an official Ashford student organization). 

In his subsequent years at Ashford, Quentin became involved with more and more groups both on and off the Clinton campus. He served as president of the Student Ambassadors, held officer roles in the Student Government Association and served on their Diversity Committee, was a lead mentor for Campus Pals and Clinton Community School districts mentoring groups, founded the AU Jams group to coordinate an annual “Peace Jam” concert, organized the University’s music showcase event, helped with Clinton’s Peace Walk, served as a Senior Resident Assistant, was on the board of directors for Clinton Big Brothers Big Sisters and the committee for Ashford’s Access and Wellness Diversity Week, and frequently sang the Star Spangled Banner at events. In addition, he participated in the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Foundation’s Undergraduate Fellows Program under the mentorship of Ashford University Clinton Campus Associate Director of Student Affairs Waunita Sullivan, helped with Barack Obama’s two presidential campaigns, and traveled to Washington, D.C. to speak with legislators about his experience at Ashford. Fittingly, he was featured on the cover of the very first Ashford Connections alumni magazine

Through his involvement in these various organizations, Quentin discovered his passion and his career path. “Originally I was going to major in Biology, but I changed my major to Social Science with a concentration in Human Services to fulfill my true passion of helping others.” After graduating with that degree, he was hired by his alma mater as a graduate assistant and then a residence hall coordinator, during which time he earned his Master of Arts in Organizational Management by age 23 through Ashford’s online program. 

Quentin is now a resident manager at Benedictine University in Springfield, IL, and wants to eventually become a senior officer in student affairs. He plans to pursue a doctoral degree in organizational development and is recording his first album, “Journey of a Worshipper.” 

When reflecting on his years at Ashford, Quentin expresses gratitude. “Ashford has allowed me to express myself to the fullest and has assisted me in acknowledging my true passion. I have learned how to manage my time and have become a well-rounded, mature leader because of my experiences here.”

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