Steve Johnson

My time in the Ashford program was highly enriching on a personal level.

Steve Johnson


Steve Johnson pursued a degree in music theory and composition from USC and Cal State University Northridge in the late 70's. Although he dropped out short of earning his BA in music, Johnson continued to pursue music as an avocation while working as a field service technician for an optical instruments company for the last 20 years. Then, Johnson started changing his tune.

"My decision to finish my degree was driven primarily by the desire to make a career change, and I firmly believe that my degree will open doors of opportunity that would otherwise be unavailable to me," offered Johnson who graduated from Ashford in May 2007 with his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management.

After an exhaustive search of online schools, Johnson selected Ashford University for its combination of academic excellence and affordable programs. "I believe that the combination of academic excellence and affordability makes Ashford a very attractive choice, especially for adult learners who are seeking to earn a Bachelor's degree through a high-quality online program. I wish that someone could have steered me to Ashford from their personal experience, however, I am grateful for the fact that online resources allowed me to find Ashford on my own. And now with my direct experience, I can recommend Ashford to anyone else seeking a quality online degree."

While in the program, Johnson was uncertain about how he would deal with re-entering the learning environment since it had been so long since he'd been in school. He also wasn't sure if he would be able to keep up with the course requirements because of his work schedule.

"I found that after my first class, I thrived in the learning environment that Ashford University provides. I was also very pleasantly surprised by how well designed the online classes are, and that their demands were not unreasonable with some intelligent time management. Another surprise came with what I learned about myself in dealing with the unique challenges posed by each class I took. For example, "Survey of Mathematical Methods" (MAT 126) was the only class on my schedule that I actively dreaded owing to how much I struggled with math when I was in junior high and high school. However, it turned out to be one of my favorite classes, and the more difficult the class assignments were, the more I enjoyed doing them."

Now that Johnson has degree in hand he plans to seek an IT position with USC, "My BA from Ashford University gives me the qualification I need to make that happen," explains Johnson.

Johnson is firm in his belief that Ashford University made a huge difference in his life. He was surprised at the amount of self-reflection on his work and life experiences that was evoked by the classes he attended. "Beyond whatever my degree from Ashford University may do for me career-wise, my time in the Ashford program was highly enriching on a personal level. For me, this was indeed a life-changing experience and the best decision I could have made."

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