Vincent Davis

It only took me 30 days from the time I graduated to land my first college coaching job, and I have been on the move since!


Vincent Davis has tried out many different lines of work throughout his long and varied career. Starting from the age of 17, he started a D.J. service, recording studios and record labels, and even ran group homes for foster children. He’s no stranger to the corporate world either, working as a manager at Arizona Beverage Company. 

Throughout much of that time, Vinny had also been involved in coaching high school football, while dreaming of one day coaching at the college level. He had played college football himself, but had dropped out before graduating – and so his lack of a degree was holding him back from achieving that goal. 

One day, when Vincent was coaching football at a Tampa, Florida high school in 2004, a college coach came to visit one of his players. To Vincent’s surprise, it was his own former college football assistant coach, who he hadn’t seen for 22 years! “It was very inspiring to see what he had accomplished over the years, from being an assistant coach at a small college to coaching for a large division one university – and he has since been hired by the NFL. He is the reason I went back to college at the age of 46.”

Vinny decided on Ashford University for its convenient online format. “There was no other way to go – plus, it was affordable, and the professors were understanding and down to earth.” The Organizational Management degree program was his choice because of its broad reach over a vast array of professional fields. “I wanted a degree that would take me through the rest of my life,” continues Vinny. “And I really learned a lot at Ashford. My professors and classmates opened my eyes to a new beginning and a brighter future.”

Vinny’s enthusiasm must have rubbed off on his wife, as she enrolled at Ashford herself! Along with inspiring his wife and children, Vinny relishes the opportunity to inspire the lives of the young men he coaches every day at a job he loves. 

“It only took me 30 days from the time I graduated to land my first college coaching job, and I have been on the move since! I coached at Tiffin University in Ohio for one year and then I was hired at Waldorf College in Iowa.” 

Since Vinny had gotten a taste of how amazing it feels to reap the rewards of an education, he enrolled at Ashford again for his Master in Organizational Management, Organizational Leadership specialization in the hopes of eventually landing a division one or head coaching job.Who knows, maybe we’ll see Vinny on the NFL sidelines one day! “The sky’s the limit. No matter what life throws at you, follow your dreams and don’t let anyone change your mind. 

“I’ve had a blessed life,” continues Vinny, “but it felt like I was missing something from my past, and that was a college degree – which I now have after 24 years of putting it off. I am very glad that the Lord gave me a vision to find AU online. Thanks Ashford; without you I wouldn’t be where I am today. If you don’t have a college degree, go to Ashford and get one – I promise you won't be disappointed.” 

Vinny earned his Master's degree and graduated from Ashford at age 50. Congratulations Vinny!

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