The online program with Ashford was great because it allowed me to accomplish my degree in hotels and airports and job sites.


“I'm 61 years old and this is a great day for me!” exclaims Wayne Shems at Ashford’s April 2012 commencement ceremony. Receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, Wayne admits to previously “just kind of flowing” with life in many ways.

“I had some remorse about having not continued my education earlier,” he says. “I’m very proud that I’ve accomplished this later in life. It’s given me a lot more confidence in light of this economy; I feel a lot more secure in the fact that I can move in the job market.”

Wayne, of Wellesley Hills, MA, believes it was a combination of factors that got him seriously considering going back to school. When he started investigating, he knew very early on that a traditional brick and mortar approach wasn’t going to work for him.

“When I looked further into the flexibility and availability of an online program with distance learning, I saw that it could fit with my lifestyle and make it possible,” Wayne says. “Most of the time I’m on the road traveling with the business. The online program with Ashford was great because it allowed me to accomplish my degree in hotels and airports and job sites. Ashford’s program seems to be oriented around mature adults; it takes a lot of our lifestyles into consideration.”

With his newfound focus, Wayne has helped launch a private equity-funded green technology company that converts waste into usable energy. Wayne serves as a project manager and senior technician of the company’s MicroScreen Demonstration System. His job is to demonstrate the technology to prospective clients, including industrial and municipal companies. Wayne believes his degree has already greatly enhanced his verbal and written communication skills and will come more into play as the company continues to progress and evolve.

Wayne points out that online schooling is also more eco-friendly than a traditional brick and mortar education and also just plain cool. “Online education. Google and the Internet. Our current technology is one of the greatest things mankind has ever generated. You have the whole world at your fingertips, at any moment in time,” he says. “I love technology.”

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