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Ashford has given me new options I never thought were possible before.


“If I could describe my experience with Ashford in one word it would be grateful,” says Patrick Middleton, who found education, and a career, through Ashford University.

After graduating from high school, Pat went into sales, which he soon discovered he hated. In every role, and in every company where he tried to move up, he only qualified for entry-level sales positions. “I was good at sales. I hated sales,” notes Pat, calling the endless cycle “extremely frustrating.”

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Although he’d considered earning his college degree, he dismissed the idea after a bad experience. But when a friend showed him the student portal at Ashford University, “I remember thinking it looked so simple to use,” notes Pat. “The simplicity helped me overcome my own beliefs about who I was from an academic standpoint.” Relying on Ashford’s online library, Pat used the additional resources to aid his studies. “When I passed a new class every five weeks, my identity shifted to I can do this.

Soon, Ashford became not only Pat’s education, but also his career. Two years into his studies, he was hired as an Enrollment Services Advisor at Ashford University, where he paired his love for helping others with his passion for creating opportunities.

After graduating with dual Bachelor’s degrees in psychology and business administration, Pat pursued his Master’s in marriage and family therapy.

Still today, Pat’s passion remains the same: working with students and helping others better their circumstances. “The more I grow professionally and personally, the more I value what we do here at Ashford.”

Written by Kelsey Bober, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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