Denise Bacon

My degree here at Ashford has really given me the credibility I need when asking the voters to ‘hire’ me to run their county.


Denise Bacon’s schedule would have been full already were she focused solely on being a wife and mother. But when her son began school, she saw an opportunity to help sections of her city that were not actively expressing their concerns. She wanted to give a voice to the voiceless, and successfully running for a seat on the Newberg, OR city council let her do just that. 

However, her new position required understanding a variety of issues, and Denise knew that she could use a degree to better serve her community. The only problem was that she didn’t how university classes could fit in with her busy schedule. Ashford University had a unique solution. “The way that the program is set up, the use of all the great technology that we have today, and the ability I have to work around my schedule are the only reasons that I was able to even think about going back to school.” Ashford’s courses were accessible whenever and wherever Denise’s schedule allowed. 

She took right to Ashford’s Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government online degree program, even adding minors in Social and Criminal Justice and Public Administration. These were exactly the focuses she was looking for. And attending Ashford had an almost immediate benefit. “The biggest payoff was when our local newspaper endorsed me over another qualified member because my current course of study would be helpful in my service to the community.” 

The newspaper’s announcement was an example of how people in the community appreciate her education. Best of all, she knew that it meant they felt safe trusting her leadership. “The degree helps people to feel comfortable with me and to know that I have the knowledge and expertise needed to move the county forward.” 

Denise, who hopes to graduate from Ashford in fall 2014, is now looking forward to even bigger opportunities to help her county.

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