When you are intentional about learning, you will learn.


One of the big advantages of online education is mobility. Online students can study from almost anywhere in the world on their laptops, phones, and mobile devices. Nobody personifies the mobility of online education better than Ashford University student Ghassan Nono. From Paris to Mongolia, Ghassan has taken Ashford with him all around the globe – and he’s been sharing pictures on social media to prove it.

“I was born in Syria and immigrated to the United States with my parents in 1993,” Ghassan explained. “I was so happy to come to America and to be on an airplane. That’s why I became a flight attendant.”

To begin his career as a flight attendant, Ghassan attended a travel and business trade school in Hollywood, California. There, he earned a technical diploma in transportation management. For the past 16 years, he has been flying the friendly skies. Ghassan proudly boasts that he has visited more than 50 countries so far, but his ambition is to visit every nation on the map.

Ghassan holds another ambition as well: to “seek a position as a translator for the government and/or a foreign service officer.” It was this goal that brought Ghassan to Ashford University.

“I wanted to learn more about life. I wanted to increase my knowledge,” Ghassan said. “How can anyone have an excuse not to move up in life with a great tool like Ashford?”

In early 2016, Ghassan began his journey at Ashford. Due to his interest in government and diplomatic work, he naturally gravitated toward the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government degree.

Ghassan discovered there are some challenges that are inherent to being a globe-trotting student. “I get jet-lagged and tired. Another challenge is my laptop battery; I have to make sure it’s always charged.” Despite the obstacles, the Ashford experience has exceeded Ghassan’s expectations.

“I am impressed with everyone at Ashford – it feels like a big family,” Ghassan said. “Additionally, my instructors are full of knowledge. During discussion posts, I am always challenged for better answers.”

Most importantly, Ghassan’s time at Ashford has proven to be meaningful. He has gained valuable insight that he is able to apply to every aspect of his life.  

“Every class has been important to me,” he said. “But one important word I learned from my first class online was ‘intentional.’ That word has been my tool to study, travel, exercise, save money, work: you name it. When you are intentional about learning, you will learn. We must say it with an open mind and truly want to learn. It applies to everything in everyday life.”

Lessons like that will serve Ghassan well throughout his travels. And no matter where in the world he roams, he will always be connected to his Ashford family.

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