Jeremy and Linda Phillips

I thought I'd be overwhelmed, but I found my routine quickly, and it worked.

Jeremy Phillips


By enrolling at Ashford University, Jeremy Phillips of Oak Hill, OH didn't just get an education - he met his future wife, Linda. Jeremy tells the story of how their relationship began: "I met Linda in our online Comparative Religions Course here at Ashford. Our ideas clashed and so did we. Somehow our first impressions changed, and the discussion board posts led to emails which led to phone calls which led to meeting which eventually led to marriage."

They were married on September 22, 2007, and Linda moved from Michigan to Ohio with her three daughters. 

Adjusting to Ashford's online class format proved easy for Jeremy. "I'm surprised how quickly the classes went," he reports. "I thought I'd be overwhelmed, but I found my routine quickly, and it worked." Best of all, Jeremy found many like-minded students with similar interests. "I was surprised to see how many other students are really making differences in the people around them." 

Jeremy is also passionate about making a difference in his community. He works with troubled teens, both through his church and as a Supervisor of Corrections Officers at the South Central Ohio Regional Juvenile Detention Center. Since graduation, Jeremy earned a second Bachelor’s degree in ministry.

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