Corenna Khieu

I have found my confidence at Ashford.


Ashford graduate Corenna Khieu admits that she always felt apprehensive about attending college. “Since I was a homeschooled child I did not get the traditional experience most people around me had,” she explains. It was only after transferring 60 credits from her local community college toward her Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration at Ashford that Corenna felt she fully realized her academic potential. “I remember going to college and not feeling very smart. After going to Ashford, I felt empowered. I was on the Dean's List all four years at Ashford, and that was an achievement I had never experienced before.”

A busy wife and mother, Corenna came across Ashford in her search for a flexible online program that could conform to her busy schedule and give her the tools and support she needed to succeed. “I talked with other schools that offered online degrees, but Ashford beat them all in my book. From the first phone call I knew Ashford was for me. The staff and counselors were friendly and put my mind at ease. They gave me the support I needed to make the right choice.”

After completing her Bachelor’s in 2012, she went on to pursue her Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree, which she was awarded in 2014 at the age of 27. Of the experience, Corenna says, “I have found my confidence at Ashford.” This newfound confidence has empowered her to enroll as a pre-med student at Clark College with hopes of becoming a surgeon, to volunteer at the ICU at Peace Health Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver, WA, and to work on a soon-to-be-published spiritual book of poems and prayers.

Corenna hopes to inspire her husband and three children to work hard to reach their goals and that one day, they can feel as empowered as she does as an Ashford graduate. “I have more confidence than ever before; I pushed for my dreams and I won each time. I am proud to tell the world that I am a part of Ashford University’s alumni family.”

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