Dan McGee

I not only feel a sense of accomplishment, but a renewed desire for learning, which I want to pass on to others.


Dan McGee, a father of two from Montpelier, OH, has dedicated his career to law enforcement as a police lieutenant who is deeply committed to serving his community. He teaches the Rape Aggression Defense program to female high school students and is also an adjunct instructor at Northwest State Community College for the Basic Police Academy. 

Despite all of these accomplishments, Dan felt the urge to push himself further. He held an Associate’s degree in Law Enforcement Technology, but didn’t want to stop there. “Pursuing additional degrees was something I considered for a long time, but work schedule conflicts and distance made it impossible. I wanted to progress not only as an officer, but as a person. I felt that I had more to learn.” 

After exploring many different possibilities, enrolling at Ashford University became the obvious answer. “Ashford really had the best to give in all aspects of education. The instruction is positive; and reinforcement of degree concepts, the affordable pricing for classes, and the flexible class schedules make it possible for anyone, at any time, to attend.” 

At Ashford, Dan believes he not only became more knowledgeable in terms of the curriculum, but has also learned a lot about other interesting topics as well. “I’ve found that Ashford really has given me a better understanding of social issues. I think the format and having people from all over the world gives input to your education that can only be positive; it is a much more eclectic group than a standard classroom. I’ve also been surprised by some of my instructors, as I’ve been able to observe how their full-time jobs outside of teaching translate into the classroom. Many of these instructors can give direct insight that helps me understand certain topics at a much higher level.” 

Dan graduated from Ashford with a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice in 2010 and went on to earn his Master of Public Administration in 2012 at age 39. With high hopes for the future, he said he planned to use what he’s learned to benefit his start-up company, which will offer innovative ideas toward training police officers and citizens. He also expressed the hope that his Master’s degree will enable him to one day become Chief of Police, and to teach at the collegiate level. “I have found that teaching has become a strong passion, which was reinforced by my time pursuing my degrees at Ashford.” This passion has not gone unnoticed, as he received the “Cherish the Children” award from Ohio’s Williams Co. Department of Job and Family Services for his work with kids within the community.

Throughout his journey with Ashford University, Dan felt empowered by his family. “Inspiring my children and family is important to me. I want people to look at what I’ve been able to accomplish and feel as though they can achieve similar success and gratification no matter what profession they choose.” Dan’s wife has clearly been inspired, as she enrolled at Ashford herself and is pursuing an Associate’s degree. 

When reflecting upon his overall experience at Ashford, Dan said, “Ashford has helped me succeed at something I’ve wanted to do for so long. I cannot say enough about Ashford and the staff there. All have been very helpful. If you are someone who has a hectic schedule, family life, or job, I think Ashford should strongly be considered. Learning here is flexible, relevant, and unlimited.”

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