It’s really great to be able to take my coursework from Ashford University and use it professionally.


Ashford University graduate Janice Dy believes that part of being a good athlete involves spreading the nutrition and fitness tips she learns in order to help influence others to live more active and healthy lifestyles. So she and a friend started a fitness magazine called Asian Bodi, intending to share such advice while giving exposure to Asian athletes and bodybuilders. After Asian Bodi caught the attention of one of the world’s most popular bodybuilding magazines, Flex, Janice and her friend were invited to help Flex expand their Asian market.

“My final paper at Ashford was about the globalization of Asian Bodi,” Janice explains. “Because of the research I did at school, I was able to give that information to someone else, and they were so impressed about some of my marketing findings, I was given a great career opportunity! I’m really excited.”

This Orlando, FL resident, who graduated from Ashford at the age of 30, was recently put in charge of marketing for Flex Southeast Asia. She’s also planning on growing her own magazine’s market to a dozen more countries. The biggest challenge she feels she and most other international managers have to deal with is learning how to integrate different kinds of personnel and employee personalities on top of different types of cultural backgrounds. “Through some of the courses I took at Ashford, I feel up to that challenge,” she says. “You have to be adventurous; you have to be open to different opportunities and driven to deal with those challenges.”

Before coming to Ashford, Janice took classes at Penn State and University of Central Florida. Even though her courses at Penn State were also through an online program, she felt Ashford better accommodated her schedule. “Ashford’s program is more conducive to a full-time working adult,” she says, “because you’re able to focus on one course at a time. It also helped me complete my assignments with quality as well.”

Janice always had hopes of using her Public Relations and Marketing degree in the fitness industry, specifically on an international scale. She’s enjoying seeing her dreams become reality.

“This is just the beginning,” she says. “It’s really great to be able to take my coursework from Ashford University and use it professionally.”

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