I plan on using my degree to its fullest.

Reyes Cabral


Some opportunities are just too good to pass up. When Reyes Cabral found out his employer was working with Ashford University to provide employees with a path to a college degree without the burden of student debt, he knew it was time to grab the opportunity and pursue the bachelor’s degree he had always wanted.

Reyes first came to Ashford several years ago when he enrolled in the Associate of Arts in Business* program. He completed that program in 2012, and he was impressed with the education he received.

“It definitely gives you the knowledge to take with you and use it and apply it,” Reyes says.

Fast forward a few years and Reyes was working as a Warehouse Lead at Hunter Industries. He found success at Hunter and was promoted to the position of Warehouse Supervisor. He also found an unexpected opportunity to take the next step in his education. Hunter Industries participates in Ashford’s Full Tuition Grant (FTG) program, a comprehensive educational benefit for employees.

Under the terms of the FTG program, Hunter Industries annually pays a portion of the cost for employees to attend Ashford. The remaining costs for tuition, course materials, and other fees are covered by a grant from Ashford. These terms mean Hunter employees can earn a degree without paying anything out-of-pocket. The stars aligned for Reyes: he wanted to earn a bachelor’s degree, he had prior experience as an Ashford student, and he was eligible for the FTG program.

“There’s no real excuse not to pursue [a degree] with such an opportunity,” says Reyes. He eagerly enrolled in Ashford’s Bachelor of Arts in Supply Chain Management program because it was a perfect complement to his career.

When Reyes graduated from his bachelor’s program in March, 2017, it was a significant occasion for both Reyes and Ashford. As it turned out, Reyes was the 500th graduate from the FTG program. To mark the milestone, Reyes was honored at a special presentation at Ashford’s headquarters in San Diego.

Now armed with a bachelor’s degree and a wealth of new knowledge, Reyes has continued to advance in his career. He is currently working as a Logistics Manager at DSC Logistics, but he is quick to offer his gratitude to Hunter Industries and Ashford for the opportunity they provided him.

“They invest in their employees. For any company that develops their employees, it’s a win-win for everyone,” Reyes says. “If it wasn’t for the [FTG] program, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Reyes seized the opportunity that was placed before him and he continues to run with it.

“I’m definitely not done and, of course, I plan on using my degree to its fullest,” he says.

*Ashford no longer offers this program.

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