Charles Porter

Being an Ashford student empowers me by giving me the extra confidence in my abilities to succeed at anything in life, regardless of how challenging.

Charles Porter


Ashford student Charles Porter, of Windsor, VA, began a 17-year career in law enforcement after serving several years in the US Navy. He earned many titles while working as a jail officer, including Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Certified General Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and Firearms Instructor. 

Despite his many accomplishments, Charles knew that in order to climb the ranks, he’d need a degree. While on the phone with an Ashford Admissions Counselor, a regional jail captain who had been encouraging Charles to get his Bachelor’s degree joined the call. By the time they got off the phone, they had both decided to enroll at Ashford. 

During his time as an Ashford student, Charles was already reaping the benefits of continuing his education..He told us, “Since I have been enrolled in Ashford, I was promoted to the rank of Regional Jail Sergeant, I have been selected as Supervisor of the Year, I have begun teaching the Law Enforcement Interpersonal Communication Instructors course at several academies, and I have been appointed as my agency’s Scared Straight Coordinator, which has been featured on the A&E Television show ‘Beyond Scared Straight.’” You can view a clip of Charles’ appearance or watch the full episode online. “The crew also returned to tape more episodes. I’m really excited about the whole thing!” said Charles.

He told us that Ashford was integral in helping make these achievements possible. “I feel as though I am really receiving a top notch education from some of the most dedicated and passionate instructors. Being an Ashford student empowers me by giving me the extra confidence in my abilities to succeed at anything in life, regardless of how challenging.” And he is regularly able to apply the theories he learns in his courses at work. “The critical thinking concepts that I have learned have enabled me to convey directives and thoughts to subordinates and peers in a more comprehensible detailed manner.” 

Charles graduated with his Bachelor of Arts is Social and Criminal Justice in fall 2014 and hopes that his degree will help him become a part of his agency’s upper management staff. “My experience at Ashford has really been a great educational journey. I have really felt a lot of increased self-confidence in every aspect of my life, all of which comes from the decision I made to enroll in Ashford. All of the newfound knowledge has transcended into my life in ways that I cannot even begin to explain.”

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