James R. Sanders

I earned my degree from Ashford University while I was on active duty and deployed.

James R. Sanders


“I am a self-taught learner,” says James R. Sanders of Oceanside, CA. “I didn’t think I would survive in college – but when I put my mind and heart to it, I was able to get it done." 

Previously, James had obtained an Associate’s degree in liberal arts from Chaminade University in Hawaii. In July 2010, at the age of 40, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice from Ashford University. What’s more impressive, he worked toward that goal as an active member of the Marines. 

“I earned my degree from Ashford University while I was on active duty and deployed,” he says. “It was challenging, but any time I had questions pertaining to my classwork or school activities, Ashford’s staff was there to assist me. They were great.” 

James sought to further his education after carefully considering what to do once he retired from the military. “I knew I would need to eventually pursue another career,” he says. Due to a life-long interest in the law enforcement field, Ashford’s Social and Criminal Justice program proved to be the perfect fit. 

James believes the online education he received at Ashford matches up with any brick and mortar college out there. “Ashford University is a user-friendly school that supports working adults in achieving their education goals,” he says. “Ashford’s faculty and staff members were there to assist me in every aspect of education I could possibly ask for.” 

James hopes his success will inspire his entire family. “My experience helped me understand you can work hard and achieve your educational goals at the same time. If I can be on active duty in the military and attend school, that is a great accomplishment,” he says. “I want my family to know that if you put your mind and heart into something, you will be able to get it done.”

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