Michael D’Angelo

You have to make the decision that your education is a priority in your life.

Michael D’Angelo


Michael D’Angelo was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He grew up to serve and protect his hometown. He spent twenty years with the City of South Miami Police Department where he had a progressive and successful career and was continually promoted from Sergeant, Commander, to senior staff rank of Captain.

Michael was motivated to earn a degree by his desire to validate his educational background as a police manager. But it ended up serving him in another way as well. “The degree became a key factor to my successful transition to private sector security management upon retiring from the police department. When I was hired by Baptist Health South Florida’s department of Emergency Preparedness and Security, having a four-year degree was an essential element to being offered the position.”

This new career in security management has burgeoned yet another avenue for Michael, that of published writer. “Although I consider my transition a success, it was not without struggle and a few speed bumps along the way. I chronicled some of these challenges in my book with the hope that it will serve as a guide for many other transitioning police and military personnel.” The book is From Police to Security Professional: A guide to a Successful Career Transition (CRC Press) set to publish in January 2015. “When I made my transition to the private sector security management, I encountered many hurdles along the way. I thought to myself many times, ‘I wish someone wrote a book about this.’ The thought recurred so frequently, that I became that someone.

Regarding his time at Ashford, Michael explained that his number one concern about earning his degree online was the technical aspect of it. But he found the online classroom platform easy to use with appropriate resources available if he ever had any questions.

He also enjoyed the genuine sense of camaraderie he felt with his fellow students. “There is a school spirit you can feel. Even though you do not meet your fellow students face to face, there is still a connection. I stay in touch with many through social media.”

Michael noted that having support while earning your degree is essential. “Whether you pursue an education online or at a college campus, for an adult professional with a family, allocating and balancing time can be difficult. You have to make the decision that your education is a priority in your life, but it is essential to gain the support of your family, friends, and employer. Support from those around you is key!”

Michael took examples from all of his experience and included in his upcoming book. He notes, “A key chapter in the book is promoting advanced education. Again, I use myself as the example; I did not complete my bachelor’s degree until later in life. It is never too late to return and the increased popularity of online educations like the one available from Ashford makes it even more possible.”

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