Ana Torres

Being published and earning my degree are two of my dreams come true.

Ana Torres


“I have always aspired to be a teacher,” says Ana Torres of New York, NY. Today, she is a graduate of Ashford University who was working on her teaching credential and moving quickly toward her life’s goal when we caught up with her. 

“I chose Ashford because they accepted as many as 90 approved credits from other schools,” Ana says. “They accepted nearly all of the credits I had from La Guardia Community College, and even Borough of Manhattan College, where I attended in 1994.” 

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Science with a concentration in Education proved an ideal online program for Ana. “This particular degree gave me the opportunity to explore the social sciences on many different levels while pursuing a degree where I can continue to pursue teaching.” 

She found the online learning environment to be different, but very convenient. “Not being in a classroom did make [Ashford] challenging, since I had to be even more vigilant over the assignments I had to do,” she reports. 

In the end, Ana found little difference between her interactions online and in the traditional classroom. “I could still email questions to the professor when I needed to, and read the books I was supposed to read, and still do my share of studying. I still had to interact with the other students. We could respond to each other's assignments and help each other. It was college work, and I worked hard.” 

Ana completed her degree requirements and graduated in 2010. Even though she wasn’t able to attend the commencement ceremony in Iowa, she still got to watch the events streamed live online. 

In addition to her degree, Ana can add to her list of accomplishments the titles “Mom” and “published author.” She lives in New York with her sons Jason and Kristofer, and in 2011, her novel, “Love Child,” was published by Outskirts Press. She also writes poetry and is developing more ideas for future novels. 

Says Torres, “Being published and earning my degree are two of my dreams come true.” 

*This program was replaced with the Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies.

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