Every staff member I encountered at Ashford was helpful and worked with me, no matter my needs.

Lindsey Colston


Lindsey Colston first became interested in becoming a teacher in high school, after taking a course that allowed her to work in an elementary classroom. That experience, combined with knowing that being a teacher would allow her to spend summers with her future children, is what initially led her to pursue a degree in education.

She began her college career at the University of Texas, San Antonio (UTSA), but her studies were interrupted when she got married and moved to California, where her husband was then stationed in the Marine Corps. The couple returned to Texas five years later, this time with two children in tow. The decision to resume her studies came suddenly to Lindsey one day while she was playing with her boys. “It just hit me that I needed to go back and finish school. No more excuses.”

After searching for an online program that would give her the opportunity to do her schoolwork on her own time, Lindsey chose Ashford University. She appreciated being able to sit down with her laptop and study after putting her kids to bed at night. Plus, Ashford was able to transfer more of her UTSA credits than other schools she considered, which saved her valuable time and money. “At first, I had to discipline myself to study on my own and remind myself how to properly write a paper. Once I adjusted, I was making the best grades I ever had.“ 

Lindsey never felt isolated during her remote studies at Ashford because the online program allowed her to be in constant contact with her instructors and fellow students. She believes the discussion forums also opened up great conversations. She also found the staff helpful, saying, “Every staff member I encountered at Ashford was helpful and worked with me, no matter my needs. When I found out I was having my third child they assisted me in adding necessary classes so I could finish faster, as well as getting me prepared for maternity leave.”

After graduating in 2010 at age 28 with a Bachelor of Arts and Social Science, Education concentration*, Lindsey landed a teaching job at Annapolis Christian Academy in Corpus Christi, TX. She then obtained a teaching certification by the Association of Classical Christian Schools within the following year, as required by the school. Her favorite thing about her career is watching her students’ faces light up when they first understand something she is teaching. As an added bonus, her three boys attend school there so she gets to regularly see them throughout the day.

Lindsey plans on continuing her education in the future, with hopes of eventually obtaining her Master’s degree. More than anything, she hopes to inspire her sons. “Although they are young, I hope they will look back and see that no matter where you are in your life you can always finish school and you should never stop learning. If someone were to ask me about enrolling at Ashford I would tell them to go for it! There are always going to be excuses and things going on in your life. Just get started and you will be surprised at how things fall into place.”


* This program was replaced by the Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies.

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