Janice Kent

My experience has been challenging and rewarding, and I am glad I chose Ashford.

Janice Kent


Janice Kent grew up a “small town country girl” in Wilson, North Carolina, and spent much of her life working to fulfill the dreams of others. After earning a high school diploma in 1974 she enlisted in the Army at her father’s behest. As the oldest of eight children, Janice said she “respected” her father’s wishes.

“He couldn’t go into the military due to medical issues,” she recalled. “He died in 1983 but was happy that I was enlisted. He went with me to sign up; I will never forget the smile on his face.”

Janice served for 28 years and earned several diplomas and certifications from military schools, all while raising three sons as a single mother. As she approached her late 50s, Janice decided it was finally time to chase her dream of earning a college degree, and chose Supply Chain Management as her major.

“My experience during [Hurricane] Katrina in Louisiana helped me decide on my career path,” she said. “Logistics was the main course of action, and I was a big part of it.”

A co-worker recommended Janice look into Ashford University, and when she saw her degree offered at the Forbes School of Business®, she didn’t hesitate to enroll.

“Taking classes online was a very resourceful means of earning my degree,” she said, noting the convenience of being able to work from anywhere at any time.

Although distance learning was new to her, Janice said she felt a personal connection at Ashford. Her Enrollment Services Advisor would call to check up on her progress, and she never had a problem reaching any of her advisors or instructors.

“The entire faculty showed a concern about the subject matter and shared their experiences in the real world, which was very useful,” she said.

Janice found out quickly that taking classes online does not lessen the college experience. She earned a spot on the Dean’s List every quarter, and her high marks led to an invitation to join Ashford’s SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society.

As it so often does, life threw plenty of curveballs Janice’s way. She was temporarily hospitalized due to major surgery and feared she wouldn’t finish her math course. Undeterred, she remained focused and finished with a passing grade.

“My challenge was with math, I hate it. That was my weak link,” she recalled. “But I am more confident now, knowing I can face the world with a positive attitude because I was taught modern math techniques.”

Now that her dream of earning a degree has come true, Janice wants her college experience to serve as an inspiration to her family, especially her college-bound son, Monte, and nieces Kiana and Erykah. Although she is not returning to active duty, she still plans to serve her community and church.

“My life has changed since attending Ashford. I have always wanted to attend college and Ashford gave me the opportunity,” she said. “It’s never too late to get a degree.”

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